11 September 2009

friday five - 18.09.09 - gratuitous b-sides and rarities dump #1

First: I want to dispute the legality of me being sick this many times in one month.

Three. Three times. Seriously? Seriously? Oh my god. I'm suing the universe.

Second: I really need to take a class in blog-writing. Other than succeeding at making my posts at least marginally cohesive/intelligible to those whose native languages don't begin with "BLORT" (not to discriminate against you Blortburfians, no really, you're among our most cherished readers), it might enable me to use this blog for homework, with which I have experienced an unfortunate inundation.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've posted something truly pretentious (or anything, period), but prepare to be amazed by my off-the-cuff eloquence and inconsequential fluff nonetheless.

Mew - "Like Paper Cuts" (mp3|3.76MB): There is no reason why this band should not get an award for being the Best Band to Listen To at Night. Almost everything they've done carries with it a very nocturnal sense of being - and while there's absolutely nothing wrong with listening to them in company (especially songs with the atmosphere of "Like Paper Cuts") - it seems a little superficial whenever I listen to them when I'm not alone. Maybe I'm an emo/indie/shoegazing snob, but I take so much out of it when I don't necessarily have to talk about it. (Let's play make-believe. Scene: That last sentence made sense. GO.) Sort of an odd choice for a music blog, but just let the subtle, staccato piano brush over you like fingers tapping on your shoulder. It'll be obvious in a while.
(a b-side from the 2002 UK 7" single Am I Wry? No)

Muse - "Futurism" (mp3|4.75MB): Some songs were created within a studio environment and then tossed because they couldn't be easily played live. This has happened a lot more in recent years due to the improvement of layering technology and synthesizer voices; sometimes, your vision for a piece extends far beyond the capabilities of the number of people in your band. And you know what? That's totally okay. Sure, I'm going to be sad that you can't play it live, but I'll deal. This is a song by Muse that falls into that category, and, for all its gory guitar grinding, has also fallen into my icy hipster heart. (Don't worry, my surgery is next week.)
(a bonus track from the JP release of the 2005 album Origin of Symmetry)

Radiohead - "I Am Citizen Insane" (mp3|3.28MB): There is no excuse for me. (Actually, yes, yes there is. NyQuil. That's my excuse. NyQuil and sleep deprivation.) I don't know why I'm the one who always throws out the trippy instrumentals, but we all have our roles in life. And this trippy instrumental just happens to be awesome. I don't recommend a lot of trance to people, but since Radiohead does no wrong, it might as well be trance by them.
(a b-side from the 2003 album Hail to the Thief)

The Smiths - "Money Changes Everything" (mp3|6.37MB): PREPARE TO FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNEW ABOUT 1980s NEW-WAVE. Okay, now that you've forgotten, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. (HA HA OH GOD MAKE IT STOP.) If you've ever heard Bryan Ferry's hit single (one of Bryan Ferry's only hits, period), you'll find that this song sounds quite familiar. It should. The only things Ferry added were words. Still, it doesn't matter if you love it or hate it; just remember, a little lovin' is a dangerous thing.
(a previously unreleased instrumental from the 1993 compilation The World Won't Listen)

Sunset Rubdown - "The Weather Can Turn on You" (mp3|4.37MB): I could go on about this band all day. No, wait. PLEASE let me go on about this band all day. I swear I'll be more informed and educated. I don't sit in the bushes outside their practise space with binoculars. Often. (If only.) Actually, the reason I chose this song was that Spencer Krug's voice actually deviates the most from his trademark shrillness here; the lyrics "and I know / that you'll be looking for the heat when the sun goes down / yes I know / that you'll be kicking yourself when the sun goes down" almost sounds like a completely different person is singing it. Either way, he's come a long way, baby.
(an early release, not from an album)

Yes, yes, you're welcome. And now I shall endeavour to be a good student spinster wino and pretend I'm actually smart enough to explicate Coleridge on a level higher than "dude was old / had a beard / was from the sea / smelled like fish." HEY, d'ya know what Coleridge would sound like if he were a 12-year-old AOL user?



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